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about us - the plan

we are musicians, audio and video specialists. long time in business. with a modern vision for
world wide performing musicians. providing them a place to have success, fun, and generat cash money.

botw is a platform to link together musicians and actors, with a wide range of
musical instruments and skills, all over the world.

for nearly every purpose!

dig this: a big band without electric bass and drums, buys two vid's. combines them in a player. throws the guys on the wall. and off goes the show.

the single guitarplayer in france, in that small crowded bar, performs together with a beautiful chinese lady on the piano and a caribian bass player! no travel expenses needed.

aktivate your phantasy to creat hundreds of more variations.

audio latency over the internet is too high for practical real-time coordination.
this won't work. maybe never.

a easy changable video would be quite nice. but what if there are musicians performing, in a way
not desired? or with the same instrument we play? the pitch is to high to sing with.
the time signature to fast? and what about an acdc tune as a walz?

the solution for all those problems are the botw single band member videos. exposed to a wall, on a computer screen, a regular tv, a large video wall etc.

by a special video player (mac/win), which can play simultaniously up to 6 video's in sync!

available from a rather large stock. a kind of app store. hire a musician for about eur 2,99.

no video cutting or processing skills, or additional software needed, to load and play the single videos together with our botw player.!

thousands of musicians all over the world offer single musician videos of thousands of
popular songs, genres and styles, to be performed in one single player with up to six musicians.
at your home or venue. and: you can play live together with your famous idol. quality guaranteed by botw.

your band still consists of a singer, a guitar and a bass player and you need keyboard, drumms,
sax, flute, congas, vibraphon? no problem at all.

ask for a dowload of the player:

to start you need a win based computer and a monitor or a videoprojector and a sound system.

check here for our demo videos

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